What Makes A Good Logo?

The most important factor when it comes to a good logo, has to do with simplicity. There is that time between when a viewer looks at your logo and decides instantaneously that they understand the idea.


Their are so many different kinds of logos, set yourself apart from the rest with something unique. Just because your logo doesn’t look anything like your business, doesn’t mean it’s not going to work. For example, the Acura logo doesn’t look like a car and the McDonalds logo doesn’t look anything like food.


One key factor to keep in mind when having a logo designed is to make sure that it's adaptable throughout the years. Something that you can view 5-10 years from now and still be handling its own.

How To Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Logo?

Understanding the psychology of colours is vital to designing an effective logo, says Martin Christie of Logo Design London. Certain colours can add so many layers of meaning to a logo, for instance when you see the color green & brown it hits the senses of when your outdoors enjoying nature. Each colour has so much depth that most people don’t even realize.

Tap into your target audience with the right colours they can relate your business to. It is important to find a designer that has a good understanding of colour theory.

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